Boost your small business's social media to attract your target audience with A/B testing

Boost your small business's social media to attract your target audience with A/B testing

Many social media marketing professionals take advantage of A/B testing, but small business don’t always take advantage of this resourceful tool. Many small businesses are not even aware of A/B testing which involves using multiple headlines for the same piece of content. This method is used to see which generates a better traction. Normally A/B testing is used for landing pages and sales pages, but you can also incorporate this into your social media posts as well.

We recommend scheduling your post link to be shared multiple times and simply change the headlines with each post to see which generates the most traction. What’s important to understand is that people will react differently to each post depending on the quality and image. Your visual image is the key factor on the success of your post. Understanding each platform and how you should post on each one will help you to capture your followers’ attention.

Something we like to recommend to some of our clients is using Co-Schedule or Sprout Social’s post planning feature to help schedule your post. They can be shared throughout the week. Then see which headline has the best engagement.

Overall be sure your message is personable. Think of who your target audience is and speak to them. Remember to make sure you are not selling to them but developing relationships with people as if you were doing so in real life. Deliver your messages fresh by not bombarding people with the same redundant marketing and you will start to see growth when you have something people can relate to.

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