Canyon View Window Cleaning

Canyon View Window Cleaning

Our team

Gene Davis, Sam Williams & Jafrey Lee

Besides the owner, we also had 1 of our in-house AdWords expert stay on this project at all times.


Canyon View Window Cleaning

As a start-up cleaning business, we had no social media presence, let alone a following.

The Challenge

This company approached our agency to address a critical issue: the need to develop an online presence and get more clientele for their mobile window cleaning company

Beyond providing a social foundation for the company to grow on,  we also created a dynamic Google AdWords campaign that zeroed in on their local market.

Our unique creative and strategical combination of  Google AdWords Management and scalable Facebook Advertising helped them grow their business by 26% in 3 months!

The 2-Headed approach to growing the brand helped them secure a 2nd truck within the first 5 months of business.




When Canyon View, approached us to help them get their company’s marketing off the ground we were excited to go for the ride…


The idea to create a 2-pronged approach between AdWords and Facebook Ads that targeted 3 cities, was a daunting challenge…


But that did not stop our creative department from coming up with an idea for a series of laser-targeted Facebook Ads!

The decision to target completely different cities, as opposed to targeting the same city with ads on both AdWords and Facebook was unorthodox…but worked

Initial results that we’ve obtained made both us and the client happy!


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