While working with Visibly Social, we conducted a few different surveys to uncover ways to grow our social media audience

The Challenge

K’Spazz approached our agency to address a critical issue: the need to grow their social media audience in a stylish and memorable way.

We came up with a unique and creative Facebook live scavenger hunt strategy actually helped increase their following by 27%

The advertising series we’ve produced were a hit with their audience and helped them to expand their platform in exciting directions including a launching a Facebook Live Series on the keys to the perfect party.


When K’Spazz, a premium entertainment events company came to us with a need to grow their social media audience, we were happy to help…


The idea to create a series of Facebook advertisements, aimed at engaged women in Maryland was a daunting challenge…

But that did not stop our creative department from coming up with an idea for a series of Facebook Live scavenger hunts to drive traffic to their store!

Initial results that we’ve obtained made both us and the client happy!


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