Our team

Ben Edwards, Sam Williams, Robin Smith & Jafrey Lee

Besides the project manager, we also had 4 of our in-house consulting experts staying on this project at all times.



Local Coffee shop with a unique use for coffee beans.

The Challenge

Mindberry approached our agency to address a critical issue: the need to get the word out to their customers about the multiple uses for coffee beans and the benefits they provide to the skin

The Results

Beyond providing multiple Instagram Ads to their prospective customers as a solution, we made short video ads depicting each benefit of the beans and what problems they solved. We then targeted the same people who followed skin care product pages and highlighted the natural benefits and cost effectiveness of using beans versus chemicals. This resulted in an increase in Likes and mentions, as well as 15% more products being sold over a 60-day timeframe


When a coffee shop, that makes unique uses for their beans the center of their product came to our office with a brief, we were intrigued…

The idea to create a series of digital-native adverts, aimed at millennials in DC was a daunting challenge…

But that did not stop our creative department from coming up with an idea for a series of scripted webisodes!

The decision to make it live, as opposed to recorded saved us a lot of trouble in this challenging production time…

Initial results that we’ve obtained made both us and the client happy!


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