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Ben Edwards & Gene Davis

Besides the Eddie, we also had our in-house blogging expert provide insight to the power of great photos for bloggers.


Organic Photography

As a freelance photographer, Eddie had many fantastic photos but had no idea how to get millennials to purchase his black and white photos.

The Challenge

He approached our agency to address a critical issue: the need to appeal to a younger demographic and sell more photos and book more clients.

Eddie had a great looking website but he unfortunately wasn’t getting any traffic to it.

Our content specialists, got Eddie to explain the meaning behind each of his photos, and they created mini stories behind each photo and posted them on Instagram. Then created targeted ads towards bloggers offering to provide them visuals for their writing.

The approach was a success! Eddie ended up getting 9 new clients in 3 months asking him to take pictures to provide stunning visuals for the bloggers’ content.




When Eddie contacted us via Facebook to ask for help on reaching a younger crowd we were delighted to help!




The idea to create a strategy, aimed at millenials in Virginia was an uphill challenge…



But that did not stop our creative department from coming up with an idea for a targeted Instagram Advertising aimed at bloggers!



Initial results that we’ve obtained made both us and the client happy!



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